Progress Notes

Questions for reviewers:

  • Which pages would you like to see completed next, in order of priority?
  • Is there anything missing, or a feature you would like to see?
  • Which sections/pages are of greatest interest to you, and why?

  • The auto redirect to panoramic tours for mobile devices has been fixed, and the Tour page updated.
  • Changed default link color to red.
  • Credits page completed.
  • FB page and Instagram account added and links from footer are now live. Pinterest will wait until the website launches.


  • This has been fixed The automatic redirect to panoramic tours for mobile devices is not working and has been disabled. Until it is fixed, the main tour page includes a recommendation for visitors viewing the site on a phone, with a link to the tours for mobile devices.
  • At this time, the “home” icon in the panoramic tours will call a 404 error page. This will eventually be corrected to take the visitor back to the main panoramic tours page
  • The first three pages of “the Instruments,” Samrat Yantra, Rama Yantra, and Jaya Prakasa demonstrate different page designs (number of columns, column widths, content presentation).
  • I am considering changing the link color to red when it is used within text, and possibly site wide