Celestial Mirror: The Astronomical Observatories of Jai Singh II
In this book, Barry Perlus’s visually driven exploration brings readers to the Jantar Mantars and creates an immersive experience. Panoramas plunge the viewer into a breathtaking 360-degree space, while pages of explanatory illustrations describe the observatories and the workings of their many instruments. The book provides the experience of visiting the sites, the historical context of the Jantar Mantars, and an understanding of their scientific and architectural innovations.
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Architecture in the Service of Science
Text and photographs by Barry Perlus.
In this richly illustrated article, written in 2005 the author gives a history of the observatories and explains the principles and details of their operation. Includes a section on the panoramic photography used by the author to create this web site.

Architecture in Service of Science

Solar Nexus
Article by Sharon Tregaskis withphotographs by Barry Perlus. Originally published in the July-August 2003 issue of Cornell Magazine (used by permission).

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